A truly magnificent Chess Set.

This is a Chess set elevated to art form.

Inspired by the views from one of the most fabulous places on the planet, the Sky Road, Clifden, Connemara, Co. Galway and encompassing the earth colours of the land and the blues, whites, gold and even silver of the sea & sky, this utterly beautiful Chess set will transport you in your mind’s eye. Imagine a Chess set inspired by this:



Brendon’s signature “shadow line”  transforms the stunning Kingwood & Ivory* playing area of the board into an island separated from the land by the mystical blue. Just like the many islands seen from the sky road.

If you have never been, you will want to go to Connemara after seeing this Chess set. If you have been, you will desire this Chess set. Collectors and players alike will desire it.


Are you beginning to imagine?



This solid brass Chess set is currently in the making; as it is all hand work it will take some time to complete.

Be patient and drop in again from time to time to view this stunning Chess set shortly.


*All the Ivory used in the crafting of Brendon’s Chess sets is artificial (Elforyn, a high grade ivory substitute material).