The joy of Chess

Comes when one succeeds in snatching victory

From the jaws of defeat.


Here is my initial chess set design, the first of a series that I am working on. This set is called Na Fianna, after the Celtic mythological warrior hunters of the 1st – 3rd century. In the Irish legends, Na Fianna were led by Fionn Mac Cumhail in the service of the Kings of Munster. According to legend, they are not dead but sleeping, waiting to rise again in time of Ireland’s greatest danger.


The pawns and pieces were all individually turned from solid brass with the “black” and “white” teams identified by insertion of Padauk and artificial Ivory buttons respectively.

The playing area of the board is solid Padauk and the border is Bird’s Eye Maple. Squares are delineated one from another by grooves cut in the surface, while the “white” squares of the central battle field are marked by artificial ivory buttons bedded into the wood. The corners of the border are mitered with Padauk splines for strength.

IMG_4750                  IMG_4751

Being solid brass, the pieces have a natural weightiness which is pleasing; they feel good in the hand.


I have a number of chess set designs planned so pay a visit from time to time to see the progress.

Also on by bucket list is to complete an exciting Chess game variant  that I have designed. I do not want to say too much about this project yet other than to say that it is based around the American Civil War. And that it involves this new prototype piece:


More on this is the near future.

I also have another board game in the design stage; it is not a Chess variant, but something completely new.  It involves a President rather than a King and is played on a 64 square checker board surface.  It is much more tactical than Checkers but not quite so mind bending as Chess.

So,  lots to do and lots of exciting things coming down the track. Watch this space.

Thanks for dropping in.