It has taken a while but finally I am putting the last touches to this chess set.

IMG_5117[1]            IMG_5106[1]

For those who haven’t been following this blog I will describe it again. The set was inspired by the views from the Sky Road, Clifden, Co. Galway, Ireland. The colours of the sky (blue, gold, silver, white), the sea and the earth colours of the land have been captured in the set while the islands are noted by the separation of the the playing area from the borders by a blue gully. The board is made from Kingwood and Elforyn ( an Ivory substitute). These create a stunning contrast. Each player’s position is marked by an inlaid mother of pearl diamond.

All the pieces and pawns are turned from solid brass, sanded to 400 grit and lacquered. The white side is described by an Elforyn button inlaid into the top of each piece. The “black” side is described by a blue Juma button inlaid into the top of each piece. The base of every piece is silver plated (this took a while as each piece had to be done individually, by hand). The Knights are carved from Elforyn and Juma and the eyes of the Knights are real diamonds and Sapphires.

IMG_5115[1]         IMG_5116[1]Knights head         IMG_5101[1]

The blue of the  gully or shadow line, which represents the sea, is carried through onto the dark pieces and onto the underside of the board which is covered in blue felt. The undersides of the pieces also have blue felt pads. Thus, the entire set is colour coordinated. All in all, an heirloom chess set for sure!