Month: January 2016

A Little More Progress

Making a bit more progress, at least on the White side.

Making a Chess set is a slow business.


There is  a bit more work to complete on the pieces and the felt has to be fitted to the underside of the board. I have acquired blue felt for that purpose. The little felt pads on the undersides of the pawns and pieces are blue also, so the whole set is colour coordinated.

Getting There!

I am not quite there yet but I’m getting there. Here is a sneak preview of the Sky Road Chess Board and some pieces. As everything is made by hand in my home workshop, it will take some time yet before I am finished. However, already it is possible to see how stunning this set is going to be when complete. The remaining pieces are in the making at present and there is still work to do on the board so keep dropping in.



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